Canal Street Guesthouse
A Nice Place for Nice People
1930 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112   U.S.A.
(504) 400- 0104 before 9 pm
Room One
$218 one person   $296 two people
Per Week
Room One is now outfitted with twin beds. Perfect for two friends or a restless leg
partner. The bathroom next door is shared with one other room.  It is pleasant to have
breakfast or a smoke on the balcony (loggia) and watch the Canal St. traffic and  the
picturesque streetcars and passers by .  Coin op air conditioner and free gas heat.
Now room one has a small tv to get local channels!
It has 4 large opening
windows and also a door
that opens onto the loggia
which you can see in the
picture of the front of the
building.  Room 1 has the
four windows on the left
This is room 1 when it had a double bed in it.
The bathroom adjoins room 1
and is shared, but has a
deadbolt lock for privacy. It
has a big clawfoot tub and
shower and lots of hot water.
Rocky and Cap. Johnny B took this photo
with summer bedspreads.