Outdoor Spaces
Canal Street Guesthouse
A Nice Place for Nice People
1930 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112   U.S.A.
(504) 266-1930
East Side Balcony
This is a great place to gather and enjoy outdoor weather. Rooms 14, 15, and 6 doors open to this area and it adjoins
the Community Kitchen.
Students from Tufts University use their laptop computers
on our wireless signal and share files while getting some air.
West Side Balcony
Not as picturesque as the east side, this balcony accesses rooms 10, 11, and 12 and the french doors to Room 7
open onto here.
Front Loggia
If you stay in Room 1, you have access to the front loggia, which has a table and chairs for that first cup of coffee, or  
for just hanging out and watching the streetcars pass, or the interesting Canal Street scene.
Downstairs views
While the downstairs outdoor areas are "off limits" to guests at this time, these photos will give you an idea of the
aesthetics, and the views from your rooms above.
View of pond
from east
East side
after we
put in
East side
West side
stair and
stage ( pre-