1930 Canal Street Guesthouse
After Hurricane Katrina hit
Monday Aug 29, 2005
Katrina Blues
When we went to bed
the night before,
The wind it howled
and blew.
The rain came down
all over town
and the shingles blew
off too.
When the mornin'
came and we looked
Things seemed okay.
I got out my ladder and
I fixed my roof and
tried to clear some
trees away.
OH Katrina, why'd  you
do us so wrong?
It looked like we had dodged the bullet again.  The power was out and there was a
little water in front but no more than we get during a summer thunderstorm.  We
thought the worst was over and started mopping up, emptying refrigerators and
cleaning the yard.

Around five o'clock
we look out again
and say,  
"Hey  the water's  
The Cars went by,
high and dry,  it didn't
seem to matter.
Our balcony view let
us see the throngs
headed home from the
We thought the worst
was over.
The storm had
passed, New Orleans
saved and all would
soon be home.
Oh Katrina why'd you
do us so wrong?
We repaired the holes in the back of the building and moved a
couple of big branches off the chains that hold our sign in front.
The next day, when we woke up
Aug. 30, 2005
When we got up in
the morning,
There was water all
The radio said that
the levees broke and
the ninth ward
washed out of town.
The people from the
city came floating
down the street.
Their homes were
filling with water and
they had nothing to
Oh Katrina why'd you
do us so wrong?
The Mayor and the
Police Chief said,
"Get out of town,
any way you can.
We can't protect
you now.
Katrina has blown
this city down.
Thousands have
died, all over town
Babies are getting
There is poison in
the water.
We don't what to do
or how long it's
going to take."

Oh Katrina, why'd
you do us so wrong!

People are going
crazy at the
convention Center
and the thugs are
getting out of
hand.  The gangs
are running free,
the cops are looting
too and some have
bit the bullet.
There's nothing left
here for you.
Oh Katrina why'd
you do us so
The water filled the street all the way across and slowly rose for 4 days until it was about 4
feet deep at our door. A constant stream of people fleeing the deeper parts of the city waded
and floated by on all imaginable types of devices and make-shift boats, babies in storage bins,
garbage cans, boards, beds, inner tubes, even a grandma in a refrigerator on it's side. The
blow-up bed was one of the best because it was like a raft and could hold more than one. We
had no news of what really happened, just varying rumors from the people, of water rising,
and levees broken.  The looting and shooting started the first day and as everyone passed
with stuffed garbage bags, one couldn't tell the good from the bad. When the soldiers of the
82nd Airborne showed up later that week, we were so happy.  The media and rescue people
showed up in every type of boat and the helicopters whirred overhead by the dozens, day and
night, as they tried to rescue people from rooftops in the areas where the water was too deep.
We survived by improvising on our little island at the guesthouse for 10 days, with no
electricity or running water,
A parade of our neighbors, customers, friends and family waded by to face
an uncertain future.  God Bless and Good Luck Y'all
Finally the news on
the Radio
Said we reached the
same level as the
Hundreds of  
helicopters were
flying night and day.
The Army was here
taking care of us all
And we began to
feel safe
Oh Katrina, why'd
you do us so wrong?
The water started going down a week later.  There were trucks and
boats and marine amphibious things going up and down Canal St helping
people get out.  Journalists from all over the world came by with
cameras to cover the "story" (especially to take a pic of the "dead
guy").  We finally evacuated the last of our guests Andre Charles and
James Murray, Sept. 8 and we zipped up the building as well as we
could and with the help of the Texas National Guard, (36th Div.), we
answered our Mayor and Mrs. Blanko's pleas, and left our city on Sept 9.
click here for our evacuation story
We returned to New Orleans  October 9,2005
We were here!
Canal Street
A Nice Place for Nice People
1930 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112   U.S.A.
(504) 266-1930
    We were unprepared for photos and only took a few
    right at the beginning. Someone sent this photo to
    us and it shows how deep the water was for most of
    the time that we were there.
    This guy is using his bed
    to float his bicycle.
this is the water line
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