Canal Street Guesthouse
A Nice Place for Nice People
1930 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112   U.S.A.
(504) 400-0104 before 9 pm
Room Eleven
$225 One Person plus tax    $300 Two People plus tax Per week   
Shares bathroom with room 12
Room 11 is a bit smaller than room 12, on the other
side of the bathroom hall. They are "Jack and Jill'
rooms and if your friends are in room 12,  you can
open the hall doors and visit without going outside.  
Otherwise, the hall doors lock and you are secure
behind deadbolts.  Usually,  you never even see the
guest in the other room.
There's a table to eat your meals or use
your wireless laptop. The hall door is
open in this photo.
The Bathroom next door shares
with room 12. You can take a hot
bath or shower in the old time tub.  
Everyone keeps their toiletries in
their sleeping room so the bath is
fresh and uncluttered each time
you use it. Remember to bring
Small refrigerator and exit door leading
to outdoor balcony.
See "Prices " for Special Events like Mardi Gras, JazzFest and Voodoo Fest