Canal Street Guesthouse
A Nice Place for Nice People
1930 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112   U.S.A.
(504) 266-1930
Here are a few of the nice words some of our
Guests have sent us

"Thanks a lot for the great time here.  We will recommend your guesthouse to our
friends in Germany..."
                   M. & V. ,    Germany

"I  just wanted to thank you both very much for the relaxing hospitality that was
extended to me.  It's been a pleasant experience for me that will be remembered
for some time to come.  Your establishment far exceeds many of the different
"places to stay",  and I believe that is due in large part to the way the guests are
                     L.S.,  U.S.A

"Thank you for the Nice place with nice People.  Thank you for your
friendship...."                                        C. G., Belgium

"We had a wonderful stay in New Orleans and particularly enjoyed staying here..."
                           V & N,  United Kingdom

"I loved my room!  I loved my visit! I will be back.   Thank you!",,,,L. M.  MS.

"Wonderful, quiet, clean & convenient place to stay.  Please remind guests to bring
towel when they make reservation.  Thank you..."

" I had a great time here.  I don't forget your kindness.  First I came to New
Orleans, then I scared about that.  But you help me everything.  I appreciate your
kindness.  Thank you for everything. I want to say thanks and goodbye. I hope that
I will see you again..."
                           Y. N.   Japan

"Thanks for a great time at your groovy place.  Good luck with the renovations.
Hope to see you next year...."
                                   J & D  Massachusetts

"We want to say thank you for everything.  We really enjoy this week and we also
know that more than a room you give us a friendship. Thank you and we hope to
meet you soon.  Gracias
                                           L. & J.   South America

"Thank you.   Canal Street Guesthouse is an excellent value and helped make my
Jazzfest experience a memorable one.  I'll be back again..."

This "review" was written and sent to us by a nice lady attending a Librarians
convention in the spring of 2002.  It's one of our favorites.  ;-)

The Canal Street Guesthouse

I knew from previous trips to New Orleans that the 1900 block of Canal Street is
just a few blocks away from the core downtown area of New Orleans.  Since the
neighborhood is on the "other side" of the freeway which intersects the downtown
area where most tourists and traveling business people find their lodgings, I might
have hesitated as a woman traveling alone (which is often the case when I attend
professional conferences)  Since this time I would be traveling with a friend, we
decided to give it a try.  The owners said the area was as safe as anywhere in New
Orleans (where, as in any city, a traveler is wise to be aware of surroundings) and,
hey, the price is definitely right!

For the traveler who wants to be convenient to the French Quarter, Riverwalk, the
Arts District, and/or the Convention Center who would rather not spend upwards of
$100 per night, the rates at the Canal Street Guesthouse are definitely attractive.  
Our room was $195 for the week.  Yep, your read that right: the whole week for two
(it would have been $145  for one person)

So, what's the catch, you ask?  Well, for one thing, this rate is for a room with a
shared bath.  But there are other rooms (for up to $230  per week for two) with
private bath.  These were the rates in January 2002.  The rates double during
special events (think Mardi Gras and JazzFest) but it's still a steal.

What is the place like?  Well, the building fronts on a tree-lined section of Canal
Street, with a balcony overlooking street.  The Canal Street trolley was being
re-established.  Within a couple of years it will stop in front,  connecting the
Guesthouse directly with the downtown core area and the St. Charles and
Riverwalk lines.  Currently,  buses number 40, 41 and 42 make frequent stops
during weekdays and run on the hour evenings and weekends.  One late night we
took a taxi from the Quarter for $5.00 (including tip), but mostly we used a
multiple-day pass (which allowed us access to all the city bus routes as well as
various streetcar routes).  We often just walked, day or early evenings, to and from
the Guesthouse to our destinations in the Quarter, the Convention Center and
adjacent areas.

The inside stairway leading to the Guesthouse rooms is dominated by a lovely
winged wooden Balinese goddess suspended form the ceiling.  We passed the
doors to some of the rooms along the wide hallway stretching the width of the
building on the way to the open air veranda on the South side which serves as
area where guests gather around a patio table outside the communal kitchen.  The
kitchen includes cooking facilities, the only television in the guest area (no cable
means limited reception, but any visitor to New Orleans wanting to spend time
watching the tube would probably prefer the Holiday Inn), and laundry facilities.  
We found during our stay that the kitchen and patio were a great place to connect
with other guests interested in getting to know their neighbors.

Our room was accessed from the veranda, and we enjoyed leaving the doors and
windows open to catch the cross breezes in the early mornings and again at dusk.  
The high ceiling was dominated by a large fan.  Air conditioning and heat are both
coin operated, a nifty European touch.  There was a short stack of quarters
conveniently laid out on the dresser to get us started, but of course we had to
supply the coins for the rest of our visit.  The bed was comfortable, dressed up with
a handmade comforter duvet.  The closet and dressers were ample to our needs,
and a small table with two chairs completed the sparse furnishings.  The floors,
wide boards original to the building, had been sanded and refinished by the
owners and were one of the nicest features of the room.  The bath we shared with
the occupant of the adjacent room was accessed through a short inner hallway
which connected the two rooms.  This provided a good sense of privacy.  It was
spacious and clean, featuring a large claw foot tub equipped with a shower.

Since one of us was attending a conference (the New Orleans Conference Center
is a straight shot about 20 blocks down Canal Street, on the bus line), much of our
time was spent out and about.  But when it was time to return "home" to the
Guesthouse, within a couple of days we truly felt we were returning to our own new
neighborhood.  The owners helped us find the best places nearby to eat breakfast,
pick up a cup of coffee, check our email and so on, we saved a lot of time.  They
also suggested other restaurants and experiences not necessarily listed in the
guide books, and gave us many other pointers leading to more of an insider's
experience of the local scene than many folks might discover.
Having tried out the Canal Street Guesthouse for a week, we highly recommend it
to others fortunate enough to come across this fine establishment.  Let the good
times roll!

J and D
Mc Minnville, OR
Hi Kathey, hi Sam,

Well, thanks in large part to your guesthouse and the wonderful people we
met there, we had a wonderful time in New Orleans. And wished we could
have stayed longer... Maybe next time.

Anyhow, we promised that we'd let you know how the hotel La Salle would
compare. It was fine, clean, quiet, etc. (But the Canal Street Guest House is
better:)) We particularly enjoyed sharing the kitchen/lounge area - it was a
great way to meet people!

Say hi to James and Andre, and John and Andree, if they are still there!

B & V
Just wanted to say thank you for your kind hospitality. We loved being at
the Guesthouse and had a great time in New Orleans!

F and P