Coming in the Future:
Canal Street Cafe`
1932-34 Canal Street
We are working downstairs and here's some photos on the progress of the
Coffee Shop which will be on the main floor of the guesthouse.
Click photos to enlarge.
November 2009- The State of Louisiana declared their intention to
expropriate our property for the new teaching hospital and told us not to
spend any more money on the property.   They sent in the appraisers and
we await further news.  
But- we fixed up everything we'd done so far and had our Endymion Party
on Feb. 13, 2010 as our inaugural event, anyway.  Much fun was had by all
who attended.
Canal Street Guesthouse
A Nice Place for Nice People
1930 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112   U.S.A.
(504) 266-1930
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Removing Plaster
Finding Old Pipes
Trenching for new Pipes
Setting the grade
Readying forms
Rebar and vapor barrier
Our Seattle son's company comes with cement
They pour colored cement
Cement finishers
Building bath walls
We sprayed on 40 gallons
New walls for service area
a Whole lotta sheetrock
Bruno tapes new sheetrock
Drywall finished
Lots of dust & cleanup
a Whole lotta sheetrock
a Whole lotta sheetrock
a Whole lotta sheetrock
a Whole lotta sheetrock
a Whole lotta sheetrock
a Whole lotta sheetrock
Sam grinds old paint on posts & beams
Kathey learns to spray paint
a Whole lotta sheetrock
We score church pews
Sam sprays on Primer
Sam sprays colored ceiling first coat
Sam grinds old paint on posts & beams
Kathey's finished welding &
painting & we hang front door
Tony finishes electrical  trim out
Thanks Bellande Elec. Light us up!
Our Plumber Greg installed water
softener, filter, drains and fixtures.
New windows
Sam makes Cafe Bankettes and
booths from the pews.
We get former bunks from Habitat
Restore to use for raised floor in the
service counter area.
SNAFU city water connection fails  and
someone breaks front $600 window .
front counters
Where's Waldo? (Sam)
After a sweaty summer
we get an air conditioner
to install.
Sam builds counters